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About Us

Jeretech is an app development company founded by a Georgia Tech student. Jeretech seeks to develop new apps and products in order to improve the daily lives of its users. By developing new, innovative apps, Jeretech hopes to put smart technology in the hands of everyone around the world.

Our Apps

Have you ever forgotten to pack something important on a Boy Scout camping trip? Use ScoutPackster to generate packing lists for camping trips so you are always prepared.

Music Blender

With Music Blender, you can create playlists for road trips, parties, or any occasion with the tap of a button. Connect your friends' music streaming accounts to blend everyone's interests into a playlist!

RV Trip Diary

Would you like to store all of your info about various RV campgrounds in one place? Look no further! RV Trip Diary can help you plan and record all of your campground information in one app!

News and Updates
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Our Team
Jeremy Schonfeld (Founder)

Jeremy is a software developer and alumni of the Georgia Institute of Technology. Jeremy founded Jeretech in order to bring his apps to people like you around the world!

Beta Testers like You!

Beta testers are a critical part of creating and launching an app. Do you have an idea for an app or would like to be one of the first to test our apps? Reach out to us via email about joining our beta tester program!