For all of our users around the country using RV Trip Diary, we have some exciting updates for you! With a new season of camping comes exciting new features and improvements to the app for both iOS and Android users. Read on below to hear about our new features:

New Trip Information: Mileage, Wi-Fi Quality, & Cellular Coverage

We’ve heard that many of you would like to record additional information within the app. So, we have added new fields for mileage, Wi-Fi availability, and cellular coverage for each trip. You can use mileage field to record how far you drive to/from the campground and use the Wi-Fi and Cellular coverage fields to remember which sites were best for your connections. We expect to have more features to help you track mileage soon!

Province Added: Prince Edward Island

For our users from Canada, we have added the Prince Edward Island province to the app! If you take a trip to any campgrounds in this province, you can now select this in the state/province field. This province also now appears on our state/province tracking map available for our pro users.

New Amenities: Disc Golf, Dump Station, & Fitness Center

You asked, and we listened! We have added some new amenities for you to record for each trip. Now you can add whether each campground had disc golf, a dump station, and/or a fitness center from within the app.

Update Profile: Change Email Address

Some of you have requested to change your email address for your account. Whether you have lost access to your old email address or are simply changing to a new address, you can now change your email address directly within the profile tab of the app.

Bug Fixes

Thank you to everyone who has contacted support to notify us of bugs or issues within the app. This update also includes lots of bug fixes to help the app run smoothly for each and every one of you. If you find any additional bugs in the app, please feel free to reach out to support by emailing

Thank you all for using RV Trip Diary, and we hope you all have safe travels throughout this camping season. Look for more updates to the app coming soon throughout the summer! If you have any questions, feedback, or just want to share your experiences with the app, feel free to reach out to us at We love to hear from you! If you enjoy using RV Trip Diary, please consider leaving us a review on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

Happy camping!