As we continue through the 2020 camping season, we have some exciting updates for all of our users around the country and continent! We’ve been hard at work on exciting new features and improvements to the app for both iOS and Android users. Read on below to hear about our new features:

New Trip Information Fields: Check-in Time & Check-out Time

We’ve added some new fields to all trips! Now you can easily store each campground’s check-in and check-out time for quick reference. With this additional information, you’ll no longer have to visit the campground website every time you need to determine when you should arrive or leave!

Export Trips as Excel Spreadsheet for Printing and Sharing

We have continued to improve ways for you to export your trips, and now you can export your trips to and Excel Spreadsheet. This feature can be found in the Profile Tab under the heading Data Exporting. You can export all of your planned, possible, or past trips to an excel spreadsheet that you can easily save for editing or backups, share with friends and family, or print for reference. We plan to continue to add exporting features, so stay tuned for updates! Note: this feature is only available for Pro Users. All current Pro Users will have access to this feature for no additional charge.

New Amenities: Game Room and Jumping Pad

For those of you who have camped at a campground with a game room or jumping pad, you can now record that within the RV Trip Diary app! Check out the new amenities today!

Improved Photo Viewing

On both iOS and Android, we’ve made it easier than ever to view your beloved trip photos. Now on iOS, you can easily swipe between photos and try out the new button to add/edit captions. On Android, we added the ability to save or share your trip photos from the app and improved how photos are loaded.

Campground Rating added to Trip Lists

Now, all trip lists (Planned Trips, Past Trips, Possible Trips, searching, and autofilling) will display the rating for each campground (if recorded). This new feature makes it easier than ever to see which campgrounds are the best at a glance.

Camping Nights displayed on Map

We also updated the state/province tracking map for our Pro Users! Now, each license plate displays the number of nights that you have camped in each state. We encourage you to check out how many nights you have camped in each state, and keep increasing those numbers as you camp!

Bug Fixes

Thank you to everyone who has contacted support to notify us of bugs or issues within the app. This update also includes lots of bug fixes to help the app run smoothly for each and every one of you. If you find any additional bugs in the app, please feel free to reach out to support by emailing

Thank you all for using RV Trip Diary, and we hope you all continue to have safe travels throughout this camping season. Look for more updates to the app coming soon throughout the summer! If you have any questions, feedback, or just want to share your experiences with the app, feel free to reach out to us at We love to hear from you! If you enjoy using RV Trip Diary, please consider leaving us a review on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

Happy camping!